**WARNING!!** Today’s show contains STRONG adult content today…more than the usual fare!  So be forewarned! Mark takes on some of the ideas in The Driscoll’s new book on sex and marriage and then he answers emails on the price tag for getting married, how to know if the person is “the one”,  and how long should a guy wait for his “big break” in the entertainment industry.


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5 Responses to “01-18-2012”

  1. Butt-topia doesn't exist says:

    As a wife whose husband has pressured her into anal sex, I cannot AGREE WITH YOU MORE on your comments. It IS gross, it IS painful, and I HATE it. You are also correct on the reasons why my husband craves it occasionally…lots of masturbation and sexual partners before me. (He’s my “one and only.”)

    I mostly refuse, butt (ha ha) have submitted every couple of years. I will NEVER AGAIN say yes to this.

    Thank you for your thoughts and your comments.

    Love your shows…

  2. jubilee says:

    I’m worried about Mark Driscoll: if he said anal sex is OK!! (pastors have fell for adultery)——-I hope he doesn’t have bisexual tendencies himself and this is why homosexuals have so many diseases!!==I like Mark Driscoll too BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS coming from a STRONG CHRISTIAN PASTOR

  3. jubilee says:

    Mark Gungor sounds a little like don Knotts—dont you think? besides a man cannot have vaginal sex with his wife for 6 weeks after childbirth…..Like i said again, when guys do that they are almost HOMOSEXUALS even if they are not..I;m glad you said masturbation trains your body NOT TO ORGASM——-BTW I CANT BELIEVE MARRIED WOMEN WILL DO THIS!!!

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