Mark picks up today where the show left off yesterday with the email from the 10 year-old girl. Then a wife wants to know what else they can do to improve their marriage after attending Mark’s conference and reading his book. Parents are looking for help having “the talk” about sex with their kids and Mark calls again for a New Revolution among Christian young people.


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  1. clarissa says:

    Hi Gungor Crew,
    I have been listening to you for at least 3 years. i was listening to your podcast from January,6,2011 and some lady that had been to see you and had watched your dvd’s. ask whats next and you told them to live their christian lifes… i think that was the best way to put living life as a married person. i had been married at 19 years old. that marriage ended, 13 years later in the death of my husband from a medical illness. in that marriage i had been though a wide variety of crazy. FROM DRUG ADDICTION, TO MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE AND MENTAL ILLNESS. i was raise in a christian household , he wasn’t… we didnt have god in our relationship and it was rough. well going on i am now married again, in a wonderful christian relationship with a wonderful man ( don’t get me wrong hes a normal man…) but i wanted to thank you all for the show you have on the radio. we have ups and downs in our relationship. i alway listen to you guys at night ( in my house its called” GUNGOR TIME” ) because my husband works 3rd shift .so because of his schedule and 3 teenagers, we have limited couple time together. after listening to you 3 giving advice to others i am different in my own relationship. we have gotten to the point cutting fire wood or doing yard work together has become our quality time. i just think if people want to keep their relationships going and continuing in a good place GOD has to be #1 but just having something you and your spouse can do together even if it is just going out and cutting some fire wood to keep your family warm it’s time i get to spend in such a messed up schedules. i have girl friends that think i am crazy for loving that time. i believe you have to take time where it is possible, what do you all think? i wanted to thank you for your company and advice you give and giving me things to think and pray about as i am ready to lay down to sleep. i have not read your books or seen your dvd’s but i am hoping to order them soon.

    you guys have touch my life and i thank god for giving you all wonderful voices to do so!!!!
    clarissa hess
    washington court house, ohio

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