Enjoy this “Best Of” program and Mark and the crew will be back with all new shows starting January 3rd!

Mark, Diane and Ross begin the show with an article from The Wall Street Journal questioning “Why Do We Let Girls Dress Like That?”  A woman emails wondering about the appropriateness of a pastor’s prayer, a wife wonders if her husband should attend questionable business gatherings as a part of his job, and Mark advises a couple with kids on remarriage.  He also tackles prenuptial agreements, low sex drive and the so-called “perfect family”.


One Response to “12-29-2011”

  1. jubilee says:

    Have you seen youtube? they are trying to BRING BACK THE CORSET AGAIN—–besides WHERE ARE THE DADS? I couldnt go out without a bra in the 1970s, when the clothes wouldnt allow you to wear a bra…my dad would get UPSET!!

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