The show starts with an article on reasons to stay married. Mark goes ballistic on an email from a lady about her husband’s smoking, gives an answer to another woman’s question on homosexuality, and clarifies how many people you can date at once!


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One Response to “12-09-2011”

  1. p.b. says:

    I agree, she was wrong to have married him if she had that strong a feeling about smoking.

    You missed the point.

    The point was he is HIDING IT!

    She needs to sit down with him and talk about the reasons why he is smoking, how his hiding it is making her insecure and untrusting.

    THEN they can move on to discuss how he might relieve his stress in other ways.

    Let her know that her always being on his case is not going to force him to quit. It will make it worse.

    He also needs to be mature enough and a strong enough leader to know that he SHOULDN’T be hiding it!

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