It’s”Stupid Argument Day”! Holey underwear, giving grapes to a 1-yr-old to stop the whining, being dumped on a lunch date by the hubby, and expiration dates on food…all the great problems of the universe are solved today!



One Response to “12-06-2011”

  1. Joanne says:

    I wasn’t able to listen live so I couldn’t call in. I still wanted to comment on the grape issue. I agree with the mom for this one reason – badly behaving children in restaurants, which I 100% blame on the parents. These days, children whine and holler and make a mess and run around the restaurant generally making the experience miserable for everyone because, I firmly believe, they are not properly taught how to behave at home. Kids need to learn how to sit patiently and calmly while waiting for supper. Now, if parents don’t want to teach this at home, fine; just stay out of restaurants until your unruly children learn to behave. Not only is this extremely unpleasant for other patrons (by the way, it’s rude to let your kids act like hellions), it is dangerous to allow children to run around the restaurant because parents seemingly refuse to teach them to sit and behave at the dinner table. At 1, it is a lesson the children should be learning.

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