What harm do the Twilight movies do to young girls and their expectations for dating and romance? How does the “nothing box” work and can guys actually compartmentalize sin? Is there only one “right” way for a woman to reach orgasm? And Mark tries to wrap his brain around why women hate to be accused of being controlling!


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2 Responses to “12-01-2011”

  1. Joann says:

    Thank you for this podcast…especially the last segment. I was one of those clueless wives with 3 small children who didn’t “control” her husband when he was going out. I would just say “You are damaging our marriage….stop”…but of course he didn’t listen…over the years, resentment built and we disconnected. I still loved him and “accepted” the life. After the kids grew up and left, he had an affair that I found out about (maybe there were more before). I finally had him leave. He is now wanting to return. I do still love him and am planning to take him back with the understanding that there is any infidelity again, we are done. I know if that happens, I will be very sad, but understand that I cannot stay in a marriage if there is no respect and mutual commitment. I believe in the marriage vows…and this has been the worse…but I will try to work it out. Lots of counseling and taking a leap of faith. But I am now a butt kicking woman with a gentle heart…Please continue to give advice on this matter as I do listen every day!

  2. Daniel says:

    The advantage of starting with the archives and working your way forward is that I know the future. I can’t wait to hear Brierley’s response on the finished product of Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”…. :D

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