How often do men and women really think of sex? How often do women reach orgasm on one night stands? Get the answers from the article that Mark and crew begin the show with. Then they answer and email from a husband who got his wife into “swinging” and now she wants to continue doing it against his wishes! A guy needs advice on how to balance working a lot of hours and making money with spending time with the family.


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One Response to “11-16-2011”

  1. Leon T Ayscue says:

    The email at the end of this show really touched off a nerve, I have someone who is only 20 years old and doing the EXACT same thing. Still married to her first husband, just seperated not divorced, with another boy and pregnant again by this other little idiot boy!!!! This is a perfect example of what happens when parents, hers, are selfish and break up and divorce, move back in together, use the kids as pawns for the fights, and have a dad that is friend instead of a dad. MAKES ME CRAZY!!!!!!
    This is part of the reason I am going to lead a small group study of yours Mark, if I can stop this from happening to another young person, then it will be worth it!!!!!

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