The show starts off today with an article on why women ‘crush’ on their pastors, and Mark and crew discuss a situation with a listener that falls into that category. Then he answers emails about men in children’s ministry not being allowed to change diapers or take kids to the bathroom because of safety concerns, another one about a crazy in-law situation, and a guy in Poland wants to know how you can know that your sex drives match without ‘test driving’ first.  Mark also has strong words for a young couple in  college who want to date long distance because “God says they aren’t to get married yet”.


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2 Responses to “11-14-2011”

  1. David Rawls says:

    Sad but true, your advice on crushing on pastors was right on the button! Won’t listen until too late! Also, the ‘diaper’ issue is going to be a problem for the Church for the foreseeable future; get used to it and protect the resources of each church through good policy. God forbid we go down the road of the Catholic Church. GOOD SHOW!

  2. Joanne says:

    I agree with Mark on the “diaper policy” however I know some churches say they do it because of the liability insurance for the church. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but it’s ridiculous. Men are not the only child abusers in the world, so to single them out is grossly unfair, not to mention the assumption that if you are a man, you are going to abuse children is just assinine!

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