The show kicks off with a new study that says fatherhood tames men, then Mark plays marriage ref and takes calls with opinions on moving a girl from her family and whether the blinds should be turned up or turned down. A mother who doesn’t approve of her daughter getting married wonders if she should attend the wedding or not.


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One Response to “11-08-2011”

  1. jubilee says:

    wow, years ago it was MARRIAGE that tamed men because the pastor would say WE PRONOUNCE YOU MAN AND WIFE: later when we changed it to husband and wife, is when we went downhill, women cant even find a decent man to marry sometimes–we need to bring back ‘man & wife’ and also introduce couples as Mr. and Mrs. Husbands Name, even if wife has her own business….this was for the MEN not the WOMEN or else men get lazy…..thats my rant

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