The show starts today with an article on 7 reasons to date a military man. Then Mark and crew take on emails regarding inappropriate tweeting with the opposite sex, and a guy from Poland wonders about having multiple wives….it leads to an interesting discussion!


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6 Responses to “11-04-2011”

  1. Disciple says:

    Multiple spouses? The places where the Old and New Testaments declare that a man (not men) shall cleave to his wife (not wives) and the two shall become one flesh…pretty much closes the poly-whatever door to Christians, as I read it. You agree?

    Thanks for another fine show.

  2. Mr. Grubh says:

    Hi Mark,

    I agree with almost all of your stands on marriage, relationships, and dating. I am one of your fans. I just wanted to point out an error (if I understood you correctly) in the 11-04-2011 discussion on multiple wives.

    Theoretically, the population will not increase or decrease depending of the number of wives per husband. Lets say in a polygynous relationship where a man has 5 wives, assuming if every wife were to have 3 kids, they would have 15 kids in total. Now, let says if each of those 5 women were in monogamous relationships instead, and were to have 3 kids each, the total number of kids that those women would still have hatched (pun intended) is 15 kids.

    Be blessed Pastor and your friends :)

  3. Angie says:

    I’ve been listening to you on-line after hearing the Focus on the Family recording of Marks presentation. I am enjoying your broadcastt for the most part. The part I have a problem with is the 7 reasons to date/marry a military man. Who’s opion was that? I’m sure there are men in the military that would fit the description based on your 7 reasons. However, those men were men of integrity before the jointed the military. They might become more couragous, but the military for the most part is taught to “Follow Orders”. My 1st husband was in the service for 3 years & it only reinforced his inability to make a decistion. The military is VERY hard on marriage. Pornography, Drinking, etc. is NOT frowned upon by most of those in charge. Most, not All. There is a lot of trouble with women wanting your husband just because they know he’s married. If a man does not have integrity & Biblical values it will be VERY unlikely to find it there. Please, Please, Please tell those single women out there so they won’t be deceived into thiking that’s their answer. Thank You!!

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Angie! I’m a few years and a dollar short as I found this show a few months ago and I’m systematically catching up through the archives. The 7 reasons that was discussed on the show was an article from FOX news. Judging from the previous podcasts, Gungor and friends take any article they find with a grain of salt. If anything, they tend to be very critical of these types of articles.

      While “numerical reason to insert-random-situation” lists make for great reads, I would recommend to anyone to fact check these articles before acting on them as gospels.

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