Today’s show starts with an article from Relevant Magazine on the importance of saving sex for marriage…and what to do if you haven’t. Then Mark answers an email from a lady who needs advice on what to do about the bad dresser/bad kisser she’s dating, one from a military wife wondering what the keys are to have a good marriage during deployment, and the three weigh in on a great “marriage ref” situation involving laundry!


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5 Responses to “10-24-2011”

  1. Joanne says:

    When you discussed the EM from the military wife, I thought about when my husband and I first got married – our work schedules were such that we only saw each other when we were asleep, except for Sundays. It was what it was, and we never thought about it. 7-8 years into our marriage, my husband changed jobs and now works the same schedule that I work. We had more difficulty adjusting to being around each other all the time than we ever considered having the first 7-8 years into our marriage. And let me just say that it was VERY difficult. But as soon we recognized that adjustments needed to be made, that we had to get used to being around each other more (I had to suck it up and give up control of the remote LOL), it got better. We adjusted because that’s what we had to do. You just have to make it work, and the first step is to have that heart attitude about it.

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