Mark starts the show recanting the crazy story of the police visit to his house over the weekend!  Then he and the crew discuss a new study about he bad karma for men in affairs, a woman wants help on what to do since her husband sleeps on the couch all the time and a divorced mom wants direction on how to find guys who don’t just want to “test drive” when dating.


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One Response to “10-03-2011”

  1. Annette Grahl says:

    I am a wife who falls asleep on the sofa for the need of noise from the tv. I too am married to a guy who has to have complete silence. I’m waiting for the offer to put a tv in the bedroom. I am usually “out” within a half an hour and the tv could automatically shut off.

    She may want to meet him half way with this option..still waiting for my compromise.

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