Mark is back from Germany and gives an update on his week with the military personnel. Then there is a lengthy discussion about a Christian girl living with her boyfriend and she is concerned because he is hesitant to marry her.


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  1. Bradley Wall says:

    Mark- I listened for the very first time to your webcast on 9/13 (your return from all of us here at Ramstein, Germany). I love your radio talk show website! I wanted to mention the name of the town that you were describing and how it had two brothers who found one pushing the other out the window and down the sheer cliff, only to have the surviving brother build a church into the cliffside as pentence for his sins. The name of the town is Idar Oberstein, which incidentally is also the birthplace of actor Bruce Willis! Betcha didn’t know THAT one!

    Looking very forward to listening to future broadcasts here on the web and thank you again for such a memorable day at the Ramstein O-Club!

    Bradley Wall

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