Mark is coming home from Germany today, so please enjoy one of his all time favorite “Best Ofs”…the infamous slutty granny show! We will be LIVE again on Tuesday with an all new one!

Mark and Diane start the show off with another study that shows the link between teen sex and the divorce rate. Then he answers an email regarding a very strange situation where the husband is chaining the steering wheel of the car so his wife can’t drive, one from a guy regarding a list of”unforgiveables” in their dating/marriage relationship, and Mark really goes off on a “slutty grandma”!


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One Response to “09-12-2011”

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Mark,

    Let me begin by saying that I love your show, have many of your DVD’s, and that both my husband and I agree that your teachings have strengthened our marriage.

    In today’s show you talked about premarital sex.
    And I’d like to urge you to re-think about stating that teenage girls have to be the sex police, that this is their responsibility – or their role. It’s like saying, if the boys can get a girl to have sex, then it’s ok for them, but remains not ok for her. Otherwise, it’s like saying “she didn’t stop me, so it’s ok!” When, you yourself have talked about the consequences that men face when they are promiscuous!

    Instead, I’d urge parents today to talk to both their sons and daughters. Have them understand the consequences, and have the parents and children understand where the responsibility truly lies.

    I have a son, and his father and I fully intend to talk to him about abstaining as we would with a daughter.



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