Another CRAZY live show day! In between the insanity, Mark unveils the plan to help Joplin, MO, by bringing his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar in…go to www.celebratefamilies.org to help make this happen! He answers emails from listeners wondering about how much video game playing is appropriate in a marriage, and another from a gal who wants to be a mom, wife and doctor and needs to know if that is possible.


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One Response to “08-23-2011”

  1. Daniel says:

    Or some women will do what my beautiful bride will do. My wife gets upset and I’ll ask, “is something wrong?” She replies, “Nothing’s wrong.” I’ll continue to ask her because I know something’s wrong and my wife won’t budge. She will continue to pout and fume until almost fifteen to thirty minutes later she is ready explode and hands me my head all because I’m suppose to know what made her upset prior through osmosis!

    But I still love her and this is just another part of “normal” within a marriage. ;D

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