Because Mark is taping the new singles DVD this week, we are unable have new shows. Please enjoy this “Encore” presentation of The Mark Gungor Show! Join us for a brand new LIVE show again on Monday!


Mark and Diane begin the show with an excellent article from the Heritage Foundation on the link between marriage and poverty.

Mark tackles the issue of Natural Family Planning for a couple who are having trouble agreeing on whether he should get a vasectomy or not, and a woman writes telling how Mark’s advice helped her to become a true butt kicker!


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2 Responses to “08-12-2011”

  1. Disciple says:

    Christians who claim a biblical opposition to “altering the body” are most likely using God’s commands to Moses in Lev. 19 and 21, prohibiting His people from making cuttings in their flesh for the dead and tattoos. The mix-up happens by failing to understand that God is forbidding them from adopting the ways, and consequently the sins, of the idol-worshipers. Assuming that ALL cuts are sinful forgets that God also gave His people the covenant of circumcision. The meaning of God’s Laws to Moses is still good today, don’t start down the road to sin (my paraphrase).

    Thanks for a good repeat show.

  2. RCgirl says:

    You are only fertile for 8 days a month at most. An egg survives for 24 hours after being released but occasionally 2 are released so you add another 24 hours. Sperm can last up to 6 days (under ideal conditions). There is something wrong with her NFP if she thinks she is only infertile a week out of every month.

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