When does flirting become cheating? There are 9 red flags, according to the article Mark and Diane start with today. A listener writes in wondering if divorced people with kids are supposed to just wait to remarry and burn with passion until their kids are grown, an angry wife writes in after her husband cheated on her, a mom needs to know that she is setting appropriate physical boundaries for her soon-to-be-married 19 year old daughter, and a guy needs help getting his constantly-late-wife to church on time.


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One Response to “08-08-2011”

  1. Joanne says:

    Mark’s advice to the guy whose wife is always late reminded me of that episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” when Ray left Deborah at home when she wasn’t ready on time. There was a whole to-do about when they were kids and their dad told them, AIS (a_s in seat) or you got left. Of course, it was hilarious when they all found out what Ray had done.

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