Can Romance Novels Hurt Your Heart? According to the article today, they can! Then Mark answers emails from listeners wondering if pastors should be in ministry after they divorce, how to handle a husband who corrects and tries to fix his wife all the time, and  why we don’t follow the biblical teaching on women keeping their heads covered.

Here is the link for the article on female sexual imprinting: Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me?


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  1. Samantha Pepin says:

    To Mark the guest, please don’t get discouraged. There is the right woman out there for you please don’t give up. I enjoyed how you put “they are single for a reason” & will use that line when I get questioned about being single still. I also go to a small church & I make up the young adult group too at age 27, lol. I will be praying for you & that you will meet the right woman. Keep going forward just knowing that there is at least one man that is out there w/o baggage & has a career ect. Thanks for the encouragement.
    God bless

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