Why don’t men want to get married? Find out from the article that starts the show today. An email asks the question on how to get young men to grow up, and another listener wants to know about separation and how to make it work.  An email comes in from Zambia wondering if it’s okay for extended families to live together


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3 Responses to “08-01-2011”

  1. Joanne says:

    Mark is the first and only person I have ever heard say that the fact that I don’t like certain behavior is reason enough for me to say “stop it!” I was taught that what the rest of society says about something is what counts. I always knew that my husband can’t hit me (he doesn’t) but that was because society says spousal abuse is bad. Society says that porn is ok, but until Mark, the fact that I don’t like it was never enough for me to tell my husband it’s unacceptable. No one ever told me that I alone can be a reason to tolerate or not tolerate certain behavior (within reason of course). The first time I heard Mark tell a listener, “Well, what do YOU think, dear?” I was shocked. Sadly, I think there are a lot of people out there who never heard this either.

  2. Lady says:

    Listening to this particular show and wondering…if you have already made some mistakes as a woman…already “allowed” or tolerated some rude/mean behaviors from your husband…Is there a way to turn that around? I believe I was in the middle when we were dating, if I’m going to compare myself to society/women as a whole. We went very slowly and there were certain behaviors that I did not tolerate. However, others I did tolerate. For example, my husband can be very mean and he can also be very cold & tune me out. Is there ANYTHING I can do from this point…?

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