How many women actually fake orgasm? How many men? Find out in the article that Mark and crew start the show with today. Then listen as he answers emails from a Christian woman dating a guy who says he is a “conservative Christian” but not saved, (huh!?) a wife wonders what to do if you are no longer attracted to your spouse physically because they don’t take care of themselves physically, and a woman wants to know if she should be upset that her husband-t0-be is rewriting his will to leave money to an old girlfriend.


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2 Responses to “07-18-2011”

  1. RCgirl says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a disaster for Protestants and Catholics to marry, at least I hope not, since I’m a Catholic married to a Protestant! :D

  2. listener from Lithuania says:

    My guess is that the girl does not know her Catholic faith well. For such Catholics converting to Protestantism is common, but there are many moves the other way round, as it is shared during the Journey Home shows at EWTN channel. Both the Catholic girl and the Protestant guy may find great treasures if they learn more about the Catholic faith – and mon would be happy :) ) Teaching on marriage rocks in the Catholic church! :)

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