Mark likes the article that kicks off the show explaining “Why so many young men are failing to grow up”. Then he answers two emails from wives who have badly behaving men that they have separated from, a guy wants to know if he should wait ten years until her kids are grown to pursue a woman he’s interested in and another guy challenges Mark’s theology!


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2 Responses to “07-13-2011”

  1. Gwen says:

    School IS CRUEL to boys. I have 2 boys and it only took 1st grade for me to realize they would DESTROY my sons there.

    That’s why I’ve homeschooled them ever since. My oldest will be a senior this year, he loves the Lord, he’s saving sex for marriage (he’s seen your teen videos and parts of the marriage one that we thought appropriate), he’s courting a fantastic Christian girl his age and he’s the man God intended him to be.

    My second son is almost 12 but still a little boy. He hasn’t been contaminated by the culture of public school. Next year his public school friends will be going to mdidle school but I can say with confidence “My son will NEVER go to middle school” and be better for it.

    God Bless!

  2. Doug says:

    In reference to your comments on the requirement for drinking such and such a quantity of water every day, I thought you might find the following article interesting (I can’t vouch for how reliable it is, but it makes sense):

    Medical Myths from the British Medical Journal. The article says this idea of X amount a water a day may date to a study from the ’40s that suggested people need about 2.5 liters of liquid a day, but most people leave off the part of the study that says the majority of that liquid comes from the food we eat.

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