Mark is in South Africa today and we are airing a “Best Of” show from when he was in Florida….weird! Enjoy the program and we will hope for a good connection to do new shows at the end of the week!

Mark is in Florida, but he and the crew are doing the shows the rest of the week “long distance”!  They start the show discussing a new study that says ‘Abstinent’ teens test positive for STDs. Mark answers an email from a wife whose military husband has had many women during his various deployments over the past 20 years, another regarding the need to have things in common with the person you date/marry, and a brilliant 16 year old writes in with the ultimate example that shows the importance of fathers!


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3 Responses to “06-22-2011”

  1. Andrea says:

    I had an enlightening thought. Western culture is always promoting the idea of finding one’s “soul mate” or “the One” for you. I just realized that the only “One” for anyone, or our true “soul mate” is of course Jesus. It is a God size hole that we try to find a mate to fill. Obviously, a person will fall short of that, and then the false conclusion is that the relationship was wrong for us. DUH! It is only God that is “the One” for each of us. If you look at it like an ice cream sundae, God is all the ice cream, the nuts, the sauces and our mate is only the cherry on top. God should satisfy our soul, our mate is an extra bonus – not someone to “complete” us. We need to stop trying to make our mates do God’s job. Thanks Mark!

  2. Elena Chase says:

    I listened to the show today and you talk about how the lady after 20 yrs should stay with her husband who basically cheated on her their entire marriage.
    I have been with my husband for 8 and he has done the same and I have been trying to stay but you speak like a man who has never experineced infidelity and not to mean anything rude until u endure that pain and the death of the marriage as you knew it and trust me it is exactly like grieving the death of a loved one- the spouse you knew and loved you honestly can never know the struggle one faces for the kids or not to stay or to go.
    I have stayed for my kids and my kids do suffer great pain as well for my spouses poor decisions so is staying really better for them?
    I mean no disrespect to you or your co-hosts but trust me staying and I am still in that group may not be the best or even the right thing to do.
    Sincerley E

    • Diane says:

      If you have listened to other shows where infidelity has occurred, Mark often says they have the biblical reason to divorce but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to. In this particular situation, based upon the information we received, it seemed as though it was salvageable. Mark’s opinion was not intended as a blanket statement in all adultery situations, nor did he tell the woman she had to stay or that she should stay. It really is on a case by case basis. Also note that kids suffer greatly in divorce…according to studies even more so.

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