Please enjoy another “Best Of” show while Mark is continuing his ministry in South Africa!

Another all email day! Mark answers a young couple’s question on trying “different sexual positions”, how a woman can ask more than once but not be a nag, and where the line is for adult children on obeying their parents.
A young woman needs help on how to help instruct her little brothers on the facts of life and manhood, a wife asks how to instruct her husband in the bedroom without hurting is ego, and a man is looking for advice since his brother is in an affair.
A listener from Egypt wonders if women can have a “nothing box”, a guy wants to know if following the Farmer’s Almanac is inappropriate, and Mark addresses the importance of consummating the marriage.


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3 Responses to “06-21-2011”

  1. LaVera Parato says:

    My husband has said on multiple occasions that I nag. So I know it happens. I also have heard my father say it to my mother.

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