Our connection to South Africa held and we are able to bring you another NEW SHOW!  A study shows the link between lack of sleep and low testosterone levels in men. Mark answers an email from a wife wondering how to trust her lying husband, a man needs help because his wife won’t have sex until she’s “ready”, and a single woman is looking for direction with an internet dating relationship.


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One Response to “06-17-2011”

  1. Doug says:

    [ Haven't listed yet. ]

    The circle has been completed.
    From past shows, and my own empirical research: Lack of sex = trouble sleeping.
    From this show: Trouble sleeping = low testosterone.
    Medical fact: Low testosterone = less need for sex.

    NEW formula (by reduction of above): Lack of sex = less need for sex.

    I’m not so sure many men already performing empirical research will prove the new formula, however.

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