Another NEW show from South Africa! Today starts off with a study on the effects that a long commute has on marriage. Debbie Gungor joins the radio show with Mark for the first time…don’t miss it! A woman emails in with GREAT advice on how to stay sexually pure, a woman needs advice on what to do with her night-clubbing husband, and a mom is wondering how to deal with the grandparents putting stipulations of no marriage on college funds. Mark takes a wife to task for “tolerating” her husband’s bad behavior and thinking she was being noble.

Here is the YouTube link for the Africa song!


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  1. Disciple says:


    (By “we”, I mean “I for one”, though I’m sure many fans would agree. By “love” I mean, “hold in respectful admiration and certainly not anything improper”. By “Debbie” I mean Pastor Mark’s beautiful and butt-kicking covenant bride whose no-nonsense but cheerful presence on the show today made a delightful balance to Pastor’s irrepressible “outside the nothing-box” energy. Here’s hoping for more of her voice in the future and God speed your journey home.)

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