Please enjoy this “Best Of” show until we can get a solid connection to South Africa again later in the week.

Mark starts the show discussing a startling new study that says “ Oral sex a bigger cause of throat cancer than smoking “.
He answers emails on a theological question about rewards in heaven, and one from a guy who can’t find a girl to date. And a soldier writes in to give his opinion on the use of porn…and it’s a good one! Click here to read the email



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One Response to “06-14-2011”

  1. Alan Holcomb says:

    Hey Mark, Diane and Ross! Great show!!! Thank you!!
    Scarey what the world is coming to and what kids are exposed to today!!
    For the guys that can’t find women to court and date, tell them to go to http://www.danijohnson.com and attend one of her events. So many singles there that are dealing with the “junk in the trunk”, paying off debt, and increasing their income, and many that don’t know Christ, being lead to Christ……all the things that make for a great partner. We have been after Dani to start a dating service!!
    And Vancouver does have gorgeous women, as does Montreal!! Thanks for all you guys do!!
    Blessings from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Alan Holcomb

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