ANOTHER new show from South Africa!  Can video games lead to divorce? A new survey shows they do! Then Mark answers emails on how to handle a married man that is possibly crossing a line with a single woman, remarriage after dating,   and a whole bunch of time is spent discussing the reasons why masturbation is not the thing to do.


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2 Responses to “06-13-2011”

  1. Joanne says:

    The African music is cool, but I can’t believe no one has thought of playing “Africa” by Toto while Mark’s away!

  2. Melanie aka Batgirl says:

    I’m one of those woman that woke up one day and realized my husband was playing 12-16 hrs a day. I then found out last yr he has been having an on line affair with the girl he was playing with. we have been married 10 yrs and have three small children. last yr i told him this is enough and he has to quit it all and work on our marriage. he tried to go with out the game for a few months but blamed me for being too controlling. he has now lost his job and plays 12-18 hrs a day. and is upset that i have filled for divorce.

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