Another NEW SHOW from South Africa this morning!  Mark and crew start off talking about a church that doubles as a dating service, then move on to emails from listeners.  A guy is wondering if 19 year olds are mature enough to marry and choose a mate, a husband  needs to know how to get his wife to separate the past marriage from the present marriage, and a wife wants to know if it’s okay to go to a different church than her husband.

Then a woman can’t explain to her husband why she “wants” the man but doesn’t “need” him, and another is concerned she is depriving her hubby of sex.


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  1. Trixie says:

    This “Storm” scenario is proof yet again that society (and the parents) have it all backwards. We do not end up with gender confused kids because of the societal pressures on gender values, we end up with gender confused kids turning into gender confused adults because parents don’t have the balls to teach their kids how to be the gender they are.

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