More sex toys sold than smartphones? Apparently it’s true according to the article that Mark starts the show with. He then answers emails from a wife wanting to know what she can do to help her husband’s porn addiction, another wife wonders about devices to help sustain erections, a 17 year old guy wants to get married next year but mama is having none of it, and a woman has a husband who is a task master that wants her to lose weight.


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  1. Katie says:

    Regarding the Chilean couple…though I don’t want to pass judgement on him for wanting things to get done or his wife to lose weight (I’m sure he just wants his wife to be healthy and happy), I would be concerned if he is withholding sex from her because of that, and perhaps pray about 1 Corinthians 7:2-5. The context might be too different to still be applicable, but it still seems wrong to not serve your spouse in that way simply because of a physical trait. Our love is supposed to mirror Jesus’, and I don’t remember Jesus making a list of things we needed to do and the way we needed to look before deciding to die on the cross for us. That said, serving is a two way street, so I think the lady should try to get things done and lose weight, and I hope that her and her husband can come to an agreement, and hope he understands that change isn’t going to be instantaneous. The things that come easy to him may not come easy to her and vice versa. Jesus died for us while we were still in sin, and a wife/husband should love their spouse even in their imperfections.
    That’s my very unexperienced 2 cents. :)

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