Find out the myths commonly held by teens regarding STDs and hear Mark go off on the article that starts off the show! He also answers emails from a wife who needs guidance with laying down the line with her husband’s reoccurring bad behavior, a guy is having trouble with the line between lust and attraction, and a young couple wants to do a justice of the peace wedding before the real wedding because they aren’t sure they can fight temptation.


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One Response to “05-12-2011”

  1. Jane Holden Harrold says:

    Hi, since listening to your radio show . . . I have recently asked my son (soon to be 20 ) who is going into the military if he will be asking his sweetheart (17) before he leaves; if she will marry him, she grad. next year from High School.
    He was shocked that I asked this, but said I he is a man and needs to start planning like a man- going into the military is very good but this needed to address also.

    He and I have talked about it a few time, about how or what to say to her parents- He’s praying about it now.

    the very encouraging thing I want to tell you is that since that time, he has been timely with paying his car insurance, doing jobs his dad has asked him to do and even little stuff like cleaning up the kitchen after making himself a meal. Now maybe I’m just making way too much of this, but I really see a difference – He’s always been a good kid, very helpful, but now it’s like he’s taken more control of his life. Instead of parent nagging kid, it’s teamwork accomplishing what needs to get done.

    oh, why I had to write: while at a grad. dinner- there is a prayer for the grads – ” Dear God, bless these young children. . . .” -

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