Be forewarned….it’s an absolutely crazy show today! Should parents be given divorce information at the birth of their child? Seems like a bad idea to Mark, but a listener emails in about a scenario where “divorce counseling” actually saved a marriage!  A wife wonders how to love her husband again after he has spent ten years working and just forgot about her, and a woman needs to know what to tell her friend who is making a really bad decision with his love life.


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  1. Maria says:

    My husband moved out of the house about a year ago, and he says that he will say when we are ready to move back together, but for now he wants me to have sex in the weekends. Now… i don’t mind sex with him at all!!! but what bothers me is that he wants the benefits without the responsibility of marriage. am I wrong? as far as I am concerned he is not with any other females, neither am I. as far as I am concerned we are both faithful, He walks around more bothered than I do, but I do just fine! lol.. but I enjoy every minute of our lovemaking, Can you give me a lil advise on this?

    and thank you!
    God bless you
    and I love your show.

  2. Kelly Dunlap says:

    My husband and I facilitate the Divorce Care program for our church and while I agree a couple should seek help before it is too late(divorce care has a program called Choosing Wisely just for this scenario) we have found more times than not, those who attend our class are the ones who were blind sided because their spouse did not speak up soon enough. Through the DC program they do stress to try to put the marriage back together saving the heritage of the family. Addressing the woman who does not think she can love her husband again- she needs to date him again, she fell in love with him once, there was something that she loved at one time, she can find it again. For her children she should date their father before she throws in the towel and tries to date someone else. No, it won’t be easy, but Divorce isn’t either.

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