Mark starts the show with an article on Post-Sex Depression….and why it’s actually a GOOD thing! He then answers emails from a wife who has a husband who won’t stop masturbating,  one from a guy who needs advice on how to deal with his brother’s infidelity, and a listener wonders what Mark means when he says people can lose their salvation.  He ends the show with a great explanation on fighting for what you want in your marriage, but then knowing when to die to yourself and surrender it.


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2 Responses to “04-11-2011”

  1. Bruce says:

    On the issue about the wife who wanted another child. I was surprised that you didn’t ask the question “why does she have to have another child?”. Many women get the “puppy” syndrome when the kids hit tween or teen years, wanting a new cute cuddly bundle. My wife calls it a “baby fix” which would be playing with someone elses little one, then would be over it. I was actually the one that wanted more.

    Some want a replacement focus instead of engaging with their husbands who are finally glad the kids are old enough to be semi-independent . My wife and I decided no more after the kids reached the 10 year mark because it was too far to step back into diapers. There is another perspective. Maybe the husband is showing wisdom ??

    Love what you do, just though this issue was a little one sided. :-)

  2. Kevin says:

    Mark, I have to totally diagree with you on the advice you gave the woman wanting another kid. To suggest she decieve her husband was just wrong. Another child is something they must both agree on.
    The husband is 38 years old. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel. If they were to have a kid now, he’d be 60 by the time the kid would be leaving the nest. That’s grand parent age. I figure the husband wants to enjoy his retirement years, which he deserves.

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