Do Wedding-Themed Reality Shows Make a Mockery of Marriage? The article says so that Mark starts the show with today! He also answers emails from a husband who is concerned that his wife is showing off her new boob job to another guy, one from a woman wondering if it’s okay to ask guys out,  a man is looking for in-law advice, and a couple who is living together needs help working out their relationship issues!


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One Response to “03-29-2011”

  1. Julie says:

    Ok, First, thanks for your show. You guys do a wonderful job. I must admit, at times, I have to turn it off. It gets a little too much for me. Nonetheless, I love and appreciate the show.

    That said; Diane, you are absolutey right. Women know VERY well what they are doing. They know what they want and they know what they are doing to get it. I wonder how revival will ever happen to God’s people when we women can’t even do a simple thing as COVER OUR CLEAVAGE. May we obey the whole of scripture and be modest with a quiet and gentle spirit. It pleases God. :) I doubt if the latest in fashion does.

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