On today’s show Mark picks up where he left off yesterday discussing the idea of “unconditional love”. He answers an email from a woman whose husband doesn’t initiate sex with her, a listener who wants to know the Biblical definition of adultery vs. unfaithfulness, and another from a young woman who has a very complicated dating scenario she needs help with.


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2 Responses to “03-23-2011”

  1. ma says:

    I read this book with my mom and then with a teen boy who stayed with me for awhile it is a good book just my thoughts for the lady look for something to talk to her daughter. Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change

  2. Lisa Neal says:

    My Pastor has been doing a marriage series and he made a comment that makes perfect sense. He said, “If we would act like ‘Christians’ at home like we do when we are at church/out in public that it would solve at lot if not all of our marriage problems.” How true that statement is!!!

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