It’s time for the Church to face up to the crisis of spousal abandonment….says the great article that begins today’s show. An email comes in wondering if it’s okay for 45 year old men to date 18 year old women, a wife needs help on what to do with her husband who said he’d quit drinking and smoking but hasn’t, and a young couple wants to know if they have to consummate the marriage on the night of their wedding. Mark answers an email from a woman who has gotten some bad marriage advice on how to deal with her badly behaving husband.


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One Response to “03-17-2011”

  1. Monica says:

    The lady at the and who gets tickled just seriously described my childhood. The man who tickles her describes my brother to a T. He is highly ADHD. He is thus very immature, touchy/grabby, and loves to annoy/pick on people.
    I think the lady is over reacting… I’ve lived with someone like that my whole life and he quite frankly bugged the living daylights out of me (I was brunt of his antics)… But I learned to love that about him and when he moved away I realized I missed it. Take a chill pill and appreciate who he is. If it’s really something that is tearing you apart at the seams, dish it back to him or establish some boundaries. Sheesh.

    P.S. He now has a wonderful girlfriend that puts up with his crap and has come to love him for it… it helps she is not afraid to grab & annoy him too.
    Oh and my brother is only this way to people he trusts, loves, and feels completely comfortable with. I know from dealing with him that this is one of the only ways he knows how to express his love for someone.

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