Diane brings an article to start the show on How to Flirt with Your Husband…that Mark isn’t all too thrilled with! He answers emails regarding over-feminized churches, self-sufficient women, and Geoff Rodgers talks about Laugh Your Way’s video presenter program.


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2 Responses to “03-16-2011”

  1. Gail says:

    The suggestion for flirting would work well for wives whose husbands want them to take the initiative sometimes. Initiating in the bedroom, for some of us women, is awkward and does not come naturally. Flirting outside of the bedroom, however, is fun stuff. By the way, my husband hasn’t mentioned wanting me to initiate since we got into a regular schedule where both of us know when we’re going to “merge” so there’s no question. Much better! We do flirt some already, sometimes (mildly) in front of our kids because we love their reaction. Ewww!

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