Should wives obey their husbands? Should husbands obey their wives? Mark starts the show off on a rant about how upside down thinking has become in this area.

A listener needs advice on helping his nephew who “came out of the closet”, a wife wonders if her divorce will have harmful effects on her adult children, a woman asks what to do in a relationship where the guy isn’t interested in getting married, and a husband who had multiple affairs wants to save his marriage but his wife has moved on.


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2 Responses to “03-15-2011”

  1. monique says:

    thank you Mark, you opend my eyes!!
    I confess I am such a woman and I will ask my husband and God to forgive me. I have to wait and see what God wants to in our situation.
    Thank you again,
    Monique from Holland, The Netherlands

  2. Disciple says:

    Could it be that fewer guys complain because the wives get up and do what they’re asked, and us males sit on our La-Z-Boys and don’t…in general? Just sayin’.

    Love your show.

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