Mark’s voice needed a rest after his busy week and weekend! Please enjoy this “best of” show. Mark and the crew will be LIVE on Tuesday!

Is Delaying Sex a Key to a Happy Marriage?  A study that has been released says so and Mark is glad to have more evidence to back up what he says!

An email comes in from a guy who is dating a woman who insists they should live together prior to marriage, Mark discusses the increasing number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, and another dating question comes from a listener who wonders if their differences in social needs is too big of a problem for marriage.


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  1. James says:

    I’m sure this has already been covered already, but the movie refered to at the end of the program is called Idiocracy. This movie explains that, in modern society, natural selection is indifferent toward intelligence. In a society in which stupid people easily out-breed the intelligent, the result is a world that has degenerated into a barely functioning society. This movie is pretty funny and freighting hilarious!!

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