Mark begins the show with an article that proves Mother’s over-coddle their grown sons! An email comes in from a woman who is having great theological differences with her husband to the detriment of their marriage, another listener needs guidance as to whether or not she should marry the guy she’s engaged to, and young woman needs help in dealing with her roommate’s sexual behavior.


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4 Responses to “03-09-2011”

  1. David says:

    on 3-9-11′s broadcast you sat there amd said that the wife shouldn’t have a problem with her husband having diffrent beleifs than her. If that is true why does the Bible say not to be un equally yoked? are you contridicting the word?

    • Diane says:

      Unequally yoked means a believer with a non-believer. The couple in the email were both believer/Christians, just different theology.

  2. Trevin Seng says:

    I have a question about today 3/9/2011, was Mark on the radio today on a Christian radio station in Omaha, Ne.
    If so I had to go into a meeting and didn’t get to listen to the whole program and would like to know what station is was on so i could listen to it online.
    Trevin Seng

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