Mark is in Florida, but he and the crew are doing the shows the rest of the week “long distance”!  They start the show discussing a new study that says ‘Abstinent’ teens test positive for STDs. Mark answers an email from a wife whose military husband has had many women during his various deployments over the past 20 years, another regarding the need to have things in common with the person you date/marry, and a brilliant 16 year old writes in with the ultimate example that shows the importance of fathers!


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  1. Regina Shuey says:


    I really love listening to your show. My husband and I are newly married and since we didn’t begin our marriage based on Godly principles it has helped me so much to be able to hear your opinions on relationships based on a Godly foundation. (I hope that I worded that right :)
    Anyways, I wanted to comment on the woman who says that she needs “proof” before believing anything. I am the same way. I need to research and find back-up for all of my truths. And while this may be taking the long route, I have to say it isn’t necessarily the wrong way to go.
    There is nothing wrong with saying (in a very nice way) “Hmmm, I never heard that before, I think I’ll look it up.” Then taking a few days before you talk about it again. If her husband is like mine… a toddler in Christ (I am too so Im not speaking down on him) then it is understandable that she be hesitant to just follow his beliefs blindly.
    For instance, My husband shortly after we were married shocked me by saying plainly that he did not believe in dinosaurs, because they werent mentioned in the bible. This was his belief, taught to him by his old pastor. When he mentioned this to me, I was taken aback, and instead of arguing the point I said exactly what I said above and came back two days later with verses from Job and some of the descriptions of dragons in the Bible, and told him that I choose to believe that those were dinosaurs, before the word “dinosaurs” had been invented.
    My husband could have been annoyed with me for not just believing, the way he does, I don’t know if he was. But we discussed the matter after I brought forth the bible.
    My husband and I have very different ways of believing. He has, since the day I met him, been a “Faith and Grace” follower, unfearful of Hell and unquestioning of what he believes the Bible says to do. I on the other hand, like to know the historical context of the Books as I read them and enjoy reading books like The Bible as History, which gives “natural” explanations backing up the Miracles in the Bible.
    When you advised that woman to believe her husband, if she loves him, it made me wonder, what he was asking her to believe. Some husbands absolutely BELIEVE that punishing your children with humiliation and degrading them is absolutely right, because they were raised that way. Some husbands BELIEVE that masterbation is okay, because it is not directly mentioned in the Bible. For that matter some husbands BELIEVE that pre-martial sex is okay as long as you love someone a lot because it is not “clearly stated” in the Bible to remain a virgin. Some people twist the word so taht they are able to believe what they are comfortable with. Isn’t it the wife’s duty to say, “Why do you believe this?” and help him to realize his error?
    Im just saying that in this point, you may have jumped all over this woman for questioning beliefs that were meant to be questioned.
    Well, I hope that you don’t freak out on me for speaking my mind. I do love your shows, they really are a blessing for young couples!



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