Less Than Half of U.S. Children in Intact Homes” according to the survey that Mark begins the show with today. He advises a woman with children who wants to get remarried to a man with children, and helps a young lady from Romania decide if wearing sexy swimsuits in front of guys is appropriate. An email comes in from a wife who didn’t want to be divorced and is suffering because of it and Mark unleashes on a young guy who gave up porn but is fantasizing about his girlfriend while masturbating.


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  1. Nancy says:

    In responce to the woman who didn’t want to be divored. I have been there and I have learned in what ever situation I find myself in to be content. But that is extremly hard to do when you are hanging on to a courpe of a marriage..it’s dead and if you don’t move on in the land of the living the courpse will atink up your present and future. You absolutly can live without him, embrace it. I have found like you stated that singleness has a lot of advantages.

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