Mark starts the show discussing a startling new study that says “ Oral sex a bigger cause of throat cancer than smoking “.
He answers emails on a theological question about rewards in heaven, and one from a guy who can’t find a girl to date. And a soldier writes in to give his opinion on the use of porn…and it’s a good one! Click here to read the email


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2 Responses to “02-25-2011”

  1. nefiaris says:

    The article you shared re: HPV
    Why would the experts say that your chances go up the number of partners you’ve had sex with. I’ve had one partner (whom I married) he brought HPV to our marriage after being with one partner before me…. Experts, get the message right.

    • Diane says:

      It just goes to show you that it only takes ONE! They really do need to get that information out there, that it sometimes is just ONE extra person and not several. Great point!

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