Mark starts off the show revisiting the email from yesterday on why men say mean and hurtful things. He then discusses an article on how Christians spoil sex.
A wife writes in for advice regarding her husband’s porn problem, a young man needs help putting down some boundaries with his new girlfriend, and a single woman who wants to give up dating is looking for an answer on how to find a man.


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2 Responses to “02-24-2011”

  1. David says:

    I think Mark might have taken some of Jon Acuff’s statements and they probably agree more then disagree. Realize Jon Acuff is from Georgia (now lives in Tennessee working for Dave Ramsey http://www.daveramsey.com/speakers/Jon-Acuff/ ), his blog, Stuff Christian’s Like was a parody of Stuff White People Like and was a pretty good tongue in cheek critique of Christian culture and what was and wasn’t biblical elements of our culture. I can’t speak for Jon, but I think there were some assumptions made about his attitude from the title (which was made to be incite a reaction and get you reading) and don’t click with what I’ve read from him in the past.

    What I get when he’s referring to the crayon box, and the sex being boring, he’s referring to the perception and attitudes held by many Christian’s especially in the southern culture where no one talks about it except in hushed tones. He’s from Georgia, being from NC, I see this perception too. Sex is hardly ever referred to in a positive sense within Christian culture except to say that it’s okay during marriage but even then you get silly ideas like sex is purely for procreation, and anything other then the missionary position is sinful/lustful/carnal. This isn’t a perception largely held by married people in the know, but this is the societal perception of Christian’s beliefs and marriage. I don’t think the crayon box meant to refer to stuff we get from porn, but that sex in marriage is more then just every now and then not very passionate, routine, and only done when you want to have kids. Anyone whose married and has a good sex life sees all the colors, but the world around us just thinks us Christians have one or two colors because we never talk about the others less we appear “carnal”. Basically people either hear a message that sex is great from the culture around us but its presented in the wrong context and hardly ever within the confines of healthy marital relationships, or hear messages based on old fashioned fire and brimstone guilt teaching that sex is bad and wrong except in marriage but how good it is once you get married is hardly ever mentioned and considered very private and improper to discuss (due to southern propriety/manners). He’s talking about the same silly non-sense Mark rails against and if you read more of his stuff you probably would have a better bead on his attitudes.

  2. Grant MacDonald says:

    Not that it really applies to what you were saying Mark, but God did direct Abraham’s servant to Rebekah for Issac. This had more to do with salvation history than love and marriage, but it is an example of God choosing a spouse for someone. I would, of course, never use that scripture to support hanging out at a well for someone to marry :) This is not a norm, it is an exception and it is more about the Faith continuing than it is about Isaac. Still, he did seem happy with God’s choice :)

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