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Diane brings an article to start the show telling how “Children of Divorce Are No Longer Stigmatized, Until They Start Dating“.

An email comes in from someone wondering if couples can use their own “sexy” pictures instead of porn, a 14 year old asks for dating advice, a new dad needs help dealing with being jealous over the new baby, and a wife wonders how she and her deployed husband will fair now that they are back in the same house.
A listener asks if you can overcome an affair, another needs to know how you do marriage and college at the same time, and a wife asks about forgiving her husband’s illegal activities.


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4 Responses to “02-21-2011”

  1. Rita says:

    Many parents I know have little or no relationship with their adult children these days. I have noticed that many of these adult children don’t talk to one of their parents. One common denominator is their parents have been divorced, and in a surprisingly large percentage, the parents were divorced when the children were adults, and not even living at home. I am wondering why this is so common and why an adult child would totally put a parent out of their life. These people are good people.

  2. Disciple says:

    Is it mysterious how the idea of “wait until after college” got started? I will tell you how. (Warning: The following is pure opinion, but I bet it will still make sense.) The issue isn’t the state of matrimony. It’s the age-old horror story of how a baby will ruin everything. “She had to quit med school to raise the baby.” “He had such potential, but he had to drop out and and take menial jobs to support the baby.” Stories like these from decades ago that stick in the memories of parents and grandparents still color their thinking and their influence on the graduating children. It’s still a pretty well-entrenched chapter in cultural mythos (and I’m speaking as a white guy in the USA). Can this thinking be overcome by anything less than the eventual passing of these generations (if even that would do it)? I don’t know, but prayer and Bible education are a good starting point. Keep up the good work.

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