We are unable to do a new show today because of the difficulty Mark is having with his voice. Please enjoy this “best of” program!

Today’s show kicks off with a discussion on a great blog post on the “Lies About Pornography” that a listener sent in.

Mark answers listener’s emails regarding sexual texting to your spouse,  and is perpetuating a marriage based on lies grounds for annulment?

He also tackles the issue of vibrators in the marital bed and how to tactfully dump a person you just met but are not interested in.


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One Response to “02-03-2011”

  1. Christine says:

    I have to disagree about “just don’t call her back” advise. If the girl is nice but you just don’t feel the chemistry, he should have the courtesy to be honest with her…

    this comes from a woman who is trying to stay positive about dating, has gone on countless first dates and everything seems great and they even say “we should do this again sometime” at the end of the date. But then nothing… it is causing me to form very negative feelings about the whole dating process.

    It is far more appreciated when a guy just calls me back and says “I really had a nice time but the chemistry just isn’t there”

    Afterward, I can remain positive that nice guys are still out there but that I just have not met the right one yet.

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