Mark and Diane start off the show talking about HIS article called “When Is It Adultery?” that set of a flurry of comments on his blog!

They discuss emails from a woman who is having trouble getting aroused during sex,  a listener who thinks that Mark’s stand on the “new earth vs. old earth” is wrong, and a guy who wonders if it’s normal for women to cry after they have sex.

A woman writes looking for advice on how she can stop choosing men who are the type who wear woman’s underwear or bisexuals, Mark advises a woman who has an extremely jealous husband, and a listener wants to know where she can find manly men!


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2 Responses to “01-24-2011”

  1. Tammy says:

    I remembered a show where another woman asked about crying after sex. In looking at the archives, it was on 7/21/10…

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