Mark and Diane begin the show discussing some of the Top Findings in Divorce Research from the past year.

They kick off the emails with a funny one a listener sent in called “The Husband Store”, andĀ  Mark answers questions from a couple who hardly ever has sex anymore, a man who wants to know how to help his friends’ marriageĀ  survive after the husband committed adultery and a listener from Malaysia who wonders about “over-spiritualizing” everything in life.


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  1. Anne says:

    I would like to weigh in on the conversation of why people with money opt to remain married longer. I would contend one reason people with money remain married versus people in the middle class is people with money can have odd mutually agreed upon marriage arrangements. The affairs are also not in the face of the other couple, and those in affluent communities often non-verbally agree to look away at adultery. Personally, I have heard some married women, whose husband’s make a nice income, purport they are “not going to give up their lifestyle.” Hence, having money allows people to tolerant things that the average person would not tolerant.

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