Mark and Diane start out discussing a commercial that epitomizes exactly what he talks about regarding guys living in “The Matrix” of pornography! Here is the link to the commercial.

A listener wants help on what to do with a masturbating husband who is teaching their son that it’s okay, and Mark discusses the findings of a survey that says 77% of men don’t regret cheating on their wives!

Here are the pictures of Mark, Diane and Ross as the cast of The Matrix!


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4 Responses to “01-10-2011”

  1. sarah brooks says:

    Is it possible to just make a link at the top left of the page for the podcast so those of us fighting with technology to listen on our blackberries while on the road? thanks!

  2. Karl says:

    Could you create a list of songs that Mark has used in the show? I don’t know about others, but I always find myself dancing along!

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