Mark starts off the show discussing an article (One that he refuses to post since he is so disgusted by it!) from Fox News on why sexual fantasy is “good”.

A listener wonders what Mark’s opinion is on the pastor who made his staff disable their Facebook accounts, a guy wants advice on what to do with women who are too picky in dating, and find out about the man who goes blind from sex!

Mark gives “brilliant”  advice to help a military wife deal with her husband who says he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want to work on their marriage anymore. A follow-up comes in from the woman who was angry because her friend was divorcing and she wanted out of her bad marriage too and a wife needs to know how to get her husband to fall back in love with her. Here is the link to the article from the New York Times: “Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear”.

Here are the two pictures sent in from listeners showing Mark, Diane and Ross as super heroes and Star Trekkies!


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