Want help on how to keep the price of Christmas from taking a toll on your marriage? Diane brings an article to start the show that has some helpful tips and guidelines.

A Christian couple want to know what the Bible says about oral sex, a sister is looking for help for her brother’s marriage now that he committed adultery, and a wife needs to know how she and her husband can save their marriage now that they have grown apart.

A husband is looking for advice on whether he should make his wife get a “regular” job instead of doing her own business, and a woman can’t get her husband to do things even when she asks many times.


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  1. Dana says:

    Hey! Thanks for reading and answering my question today. The only reason I felt dirty for 2 weeks of sex is because I was expecting him to fix something in return, I mean sure it was nice…. a lot of work.. LOL I’ve taken away sex as well… Then he’s just lazy AND grumpy. SO. I told him how I felt and if things don’t get better I’m outta here. I could live forever with out a master bathroom (we have a beautiful house) The reason its upsetting is because he has a gambling addiction and he’s pissing it all away. Instead of taking care of our beautiful home that is falling apart. Its difficult because he used to go to church every sunday and we had long talks about God and our family, then, he just changed. His mother got cancer and took advantage of him (really messed with him) Ever since then hes different. I hope he will agree for us to get help. So far he doesn’t want to. Just keep me in your prayers. Thanks again!

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